Silver Price Prediction: Will XAGUSD Crash Further? A Weekly Outlook for 29 May – 02 June #Silver #xagusd

Welcome to our weekly outlook on silver prices! In this post, we will delve into the recent trends in silver’s value and provide a prediction for where the price of XAGUSD might be headed for the week of May 29th to June 2nd. We’ll take a look at the key drivers that could impact the price of silver, and provide an analysis of the technical indicators that help us forecast potential market movements. If you’re interested in silver trading or just want to stay informed on the latest developments in the precious metals market, read on for our insights and predictions.

Silver Price Prediction: Will XAGUSD Crash Further? A Weekly Outlook for 29 May – 02 June


Silver has been in the spotlight for investors and traders alike over the past few weeks, with fluctuations in its prices attracting attention. After a bearish week last week, many are wondering if silver’s decline will continue. In this article, we will analyze the current situation of silver’s price and provide predictions for the coming week.

Video discussing silver price forecast for next week

Before we jump into our analysis, let’s take a moment to consider a video that offers an insight into silver’s price. The video showed positive indications, but we can never be sure until we analyze the data thoroughly.

Silver gave a bearish week last week, expected to achieve highs

Last week, silver had a bearish week, with prices declining to around $27 per ounce. However, the profit booking allowed silver to achieve highs of around $28.35 on May 21st. It left investors with mixed emotions, wondering whether they should sell their silver holdings or wait for prices to recover.

Good support exists at 22 and till 21 for silver

During this week, silver’s price is likely to find good support levels around $22 and below $21. Resistance levels at $23.60-80 might be difficult to break, and bulls may struggle to conquer this level.

Possibility of bigger and sharper drop for silver, lower highs and lows

According to technical analysis, there is a possibility that silver might experience a larger and sharper drop. If the declining pattern continues, it could mean that the bull’s confidence is weaker than anticipated. The lower highs and lows in the charts indicate that the bearish trend has started to dominate.

Daily chart shows bearishness and resistance at 23.60-80

If we look at the daily charts, it shows that the silver price started declining and is in a bearish trend. It is also showing resistance at $23.60-80, which could be an indication that the bullish trend cannot maintain its momentum.

Monthly chart shows flat top and lower lows for silver

The monthly chart reveals that silver formed a flat top, which means that the market is finding it challenging to break through this level. Moreover, the lower lows are an indication that the trend has shifted from bullish to bearish.

Expecting prices to pull up and close around 24 for May

Considering the current market situation, we are expecting silver to pull up and close around $24 per ounce by the end of May. However, given the current bearish trend, it might be difficult for silver to maintain that price level during the first week of June.

Expecting prices to pull down towards 22 in June

As we step into the new month, we are expecting silver’s price to pull down towards the $22 per ounce level. It could be an opportunity for investors to buy silver at lower prices and potentially earn profits when the market picks up momentum.


Overall, silver’s price is bearish, with resistance levels at $23.60-80. The monthly chart indicates that the trend is shifting from bullish to bearish, while daily charts show resistance at that level. Our prediction suggests that while investors may see a small return at the end of May, we anticipate silver’s price to pull down towards $22 per ounce for the first week of June.

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