Forex Trading Advice

Forex Trading Advice

The foreign exchange market, or forex market, is a 24-hour market for the trading of currencies. It is open to people from around the world, and has the potential to offer huge growth for traders.


Traders can make profits from selling currencies that are weakening and buying those that are strengthening. They can also use the forex market to hedge against losses, such as when they have European business operations and are concerned about the strength of the euro.


The forex market is the largest in terms of daily trading volume, offering high liquidity. It also offers tighter spreads, which can help to minimise risk when compared to other markets.

Trading Styles

There are a number of trading styles that are available to traders, including day trading and swing trading. Both of these strategies involve entering and exiting a position at specific levels, and are dependent on the currency pair being traded.

Time and Trading Sessions

The most active trading session in the forex market is between the London afternoon and New York morning sessions. This overlap period has the highest volume of trades and is often accompanied by volatility, which is favourable for traders.

A successful forex trader is able to cultivate a clear and stable mind, while never trading out of greed or fear. They are aware of the risks, and know that they cannot expect to make a profit on every single trade. They also know that losing a trade is not an indicator of failure.

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